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October 31, 2016
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December 25, 2016

With the strong Athleisure trend, fashion baseball caps are showing up in the everyday wardrobe, not just for sporting events anymore.

I have always been a big fan of hats, I own almost as many hats as shoes. I especially love fedoras, floppy and fur hats but my favorite is definitely my baseball caps. I collect them in various colors, fabrications and styles. I have neoprene, satin, suede, leather and wool just to name a few. Some almost feel dressy and are always fun to wear, even on a not so bad hair day.

I have picked a variety of current fashion baseball caps that you may like to add to your collection. All are unisex for the most part. I really like the selection from ASOS, they have a huge number of styles on their site and I also like Gents for their selection of luxury caps. I hope you enjoy my picks!

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